Custom Stainless Steel Tanks

We are a proud distributor of Rick's Hot Rod Shops parts. Rick’s Hot Rod Shop is the first manufacturer to offer a stainless steel street rod gas tank that can be converted to an in-tank fuel pump. This is a feature that can be engineered in all of Rick's stainless steel gas tanks at a minimal cost. The in-tank conversion can be configured to fit any after market fuel pump of the owner’s choice. They make it easy. 

Rick's stainless steel gas tanks are handcrafted from highest quality stainless they can find. The fuel outlets are made on a CNC machine and carved from billet stainless steel. This insures a good seal in each of their stainless steel tanks.

This is one of Rick's Tanks in our 1967 RS Camaro Convertible.


This is one of Rick's tanks in our 1966 Chevelle SS


Custom Stainless Steel Coolant Reservoirs

This is one of Rick's Reservoirs in our 1966 Chevelle SS.